Cleaning a printed circuit board is a fundamental factor as it prevents faults. To wash the equipment, Eltex uses an ultrasonic washing machine with specially designed detergents. Prevention is better than cure!


Ultrasonic cleaning is a modern, safe and efficient process to obtain a deep cleaning guarantee in the shortest possible time. The advantages consist in a perfect cleaning of the components even with dirt, encrustations and more tenacious contaminants and arranged in cavities difficult to reach manually.

Ultrasounds? what are they?
Ultrasounds are vibrations of a material medium similar to acoustic waves, but with frequencies that are too high to be heard by the human ear. The frequency limit of human hearing varies from about 10Khz to about 18Khz. The audible frequency limit decreases with increasing age.
In particular, the ultrasonic washing machine operates at a frequency of 45Khz, that is at a frequency very far from the audible one. The apparatus is composed of an ultrasonic generator and several piezoelectric transducers which are applied to the external bottom of a stainless steel tank containing the washing liquid. The electronic generator produces a continuous signal at a frequency of 45 Khz, driving the piezoelectric transducers which transform the signal into a mechanical vibration. This vibrational energy is transmitted to the liquid of the tank at the frequency of 45,000 oscillations per second. These oscillations of pressure and depression create an enormous quantity of micro-bubbles inside the liquid which, imploding in very rapid succession, create enormous impact energies between the detergent liquid and the surface to be cleaned. This phenomenon is called “cavitation”. This phenomenon allows an efficient and safe cleaning system, reducing time.

The washing machine with Sweep System technology contains the best that can be requested from an ultrasonic washing machine. In fact, the brand new generator incorporates a special ultrasonic oscillator with Sweep System technology. With this technology, the output frequency of the ultrasound generator is modulated around a central frequency, so the transducers working at the frequency of 40 Khz are modulated with a frequency between 39 khz and 41 Khz.

This frequency offers the following advantages:
– reduces washing times
– prevents damage to delicate parts to be cleaned
– reduces the effects of stationary waves by increasing the ultrasonic energy distribution of the washing liquid
– improves cleaning results and facilitates cavitation in liquids that are difficult to cavitate with traditional ultrasonic systems.

Lavatrice ultrasonic cleaner 3200 s3

Disposal Drives

In case the product should be irreparable or the repair is not convenient, the customer may decide to leave the damaged material at our laboratory. Eltex takes care of the subdivision of the various materials for disposal, no additional costs are charged.

Repair process

When the material reaches our laboratory and the actual urgency for the production stop has been ascertained, the piece immediately enters the repair process. The following are all the processes performed:

  • Telematic storage of the piece by serial number.

  • Disassembly for failure check and cleaning.

  • Targeted repair quote.

  • Reassembly and functional testing on a set bench.

  • Re-insert customer configuration and return.



Oil – 30%
Water – 76%
Sludge – 22%


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The failure of an equipment can cause severe production stops that can significantly affect the production process of a company. In order to prevent or remedy these problems, Eltex can offer various services that are not included in pure repair.

Revision service

Some electronic components assembled on printed circuits are subject to wear. When they reach the end of their life, in addition to not operating optimally, they can cause short circuits and therefore go to damage related components. Replacing them extends the life of the equipment.

Repair Service

We know what you are looking for, the quality and speed of our work are essential. Many repairs can be carried out in the same day. We know how to work quickly to solve problems and shorten production stops. Our spare parts warehouse is always stocked for this.

Supply of products

In the most serious cases of failure, especially when explosions or burns occur inside the equipment, they can make the repair not convenient.In these cases, Eltex proposes a new or refurbished replacement part.

Rent and Trade-in

Repair is a very difficult operation that requires specific skills and documentation. The technical times of the workings are always contained but if you can not wait, we can offer the rental service or the exchange of your failed equipment.

Pick ups and Deliveries

Eltex takes care of all-round repair. Can not deliver the piece due to a lack of personnel or do you not have an agreement with any forwarder?Our transporters come to your factory to pick up and return the piece in a day.

certificazione Eltex


The spare parts used during the repair are supplied directly by the manufacturer of the equipment, otherwise the best performance ones are used. These factors allow Eltex to grant 12 months warranty on replaced components on all repairs carried out by our team. The repaired products retain all the factory functionalities are therefore almost as new.


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    8:30am – 6:30pm


    +39 031 874544


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