Repair is a very complex operation that requires specific skills and documentation. The technical times of the workings are always contained but if you can not wait, we can offer the rental service or the exchange of your failed drive.


In the event that your company is in the situation of not being able to bear unexpected costs, Eltex offers the rental service. Rental is granted on certain equipment, especially the most expensive ones. In the meantime we repair your product, your machine continues to work with one of our products configured as yours damaged.

Another service we propose is the exchange. The exchange is proposed on equipment that does not require special configurations. You hand us your damaged, we hold him for repair and evaluation. We will discount the correspondent on the purchase of an identical replacement piece.

The exchange with an adjustment

Eltex proposes the exchange service with adjustment. The latter differs from the pure exchange because it provides a sort of integration between sale and trade-in.
In practice: Eltex withdraws your faulty equipment and immediately gives you another identical working product. The commercial value is logically different therefore it requires the payment of the greatest value: a cash adjustment, in fact. Your convenience is certain because your damaged piece does not scrap it, it is evaluated by our technicians and the corresponding value is turned into a discount on the piece withdrawn..

The advantages of the rental

The rental of equipment provides for a contract stipulated with the customer that goes from one to several months, with fixed monthly installments. There are no time limits, you can keep the equipment according to your needs.
When you decide to return the product, the contract closes automatically. The piece instead becomes your property when with the installments paid you reach the real value of the equipment.
This formula is a solution widely used by companies that need equipment for short periods, to replace products in assistance or for specific business needs (for example, temporarily enhance the production of your plant).

  • Assistenza tecnica garantita con caso di necessità.

  • Sai sempre quanto spendi senza sorprese.

  • Eviti esborsi economici importanti.

  • Tutti i costi sono fissi e predeterminati.

  • La svalutazione del pezzo non è un tuo problema.


Servoinverter Lenze EVS9324-ES – 13 Pieces
Simodrive 611 6SN1145-1BA01-0BA0 – 11 Pieces
Inverter Parker AC10 10G-45-0440-BF – 8 Pieces


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Eltex s.r.l. deals with the repair of inverters, drives, motors and electronic boards for industrial automation..


The failure of an equipment can cause severe production stops that can significantly affect the production process of a company. In order to prevent or remedy these problems, Eltex can offer various services that are not included in pure repair.

Drives wash

There are electrical panels especially on very dated machinery, where the components inside are exposed to dirt. Dirt is one of the main factors that cause short circuits or overheating. So it is essential to keep clean electronics, by regularly intervening the equipment.

Revision service

Some electronic components assembled on printed circuits are subject to wear. When they reach the end of their life, in addition to not operating optimally, they can cause short circuits and therefore go to damage related components. Replacing them extends the life of the equipment.

Repair Service

We know what you are looking for, the quality and speed of our work are essential. Many repairs can be carried out in the same day. We know how to work quickly to solve problems and shorten production stops. Our spare parts warehouse is always stocked for this.

Supply of products

In the most serious cases of failure, especially when explosions or burns occur inside the equipment, they can make the repair not convenient. In these cases, Eltex proposes a new or refurbished replacement part.

Pick ups and Deliveries

Eltex takes care of all-round repair. Can not deliver the piece due to a lack of personnel or do you not have an agreement with any forwarder? Our transporters come to your factory to pick up and return the piece in a day.

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The spare parts used during the repair are supplied directly by the manufacturer of the equipment, otherwise the best performance ones are used. These factors allow Eltex to grant 12 months warranty on replaced components on all repairs carried out by our team. The repaired products retain all the factory functionalities are therefore almost as new.


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    +39 031 874544


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