Eltex s.r.l. deals of inverter, dc drive, motors and electronics boards reparation for industrial automation.
Founded in 1983 in Barzago – Italy, at the beginning Eltex produce electric equipments; from littles reparations and assistance for plant stoppage become to first custom products, and the business grow stand out especially in textile, yarns and paper factory sectors. Thanks to the numerous request by the clients the first lab dedicate to the reparation of inverter, dc drive and motors was created: this choice is given by our passion for the electronics and by the necessity to fill up the absence of a market which offers throw or substitute defective equipments with too much facility.
Thanks to 35 years of experience in the sector, today Eltex is a real point of reference at national and international level in inverter’s reparation sector.
Since always in Eltex for our application we use inverters, dc drives and motors of german head office Lenze, for which in 1989 we also become Service Center. In addition to Lenze on ours machinery we have the best brands like Siemens and Parker, which are proposed at our clientele for their quality and reliability, at protection of the longevity of the machineries.
In 2013 we had received an important reward for our 35 years experience in the sector, also becoming EMTC Parker, that is an Electromechanical Technology Center.
Our technical equipped lab and the spare parts equipped stock, let us to carry out complex repair and regeneration of equipment obsolete too, delivering everywhere in the world.
Passion, simplicity, seriousness and technical ability: this is the key factor of Eltex’s team.


Labs are the heart of Eltex: moderns, technologically advanced furnished with new test benches, for checking all drives and to carry out the most complex reparation too.
The technical team is composed by skilled expert, which could repair, inspect, test a big variety of products in industrial field; constantly keep up through project of continue qualification, our technician have passion and competence to keep and improve the service level to you dedicated.
In addition to reparation and sale services, Eltex is able to test the good functionality of yours equipments on benches especially created in our labs. The test is effectuated simulating the same conditions existing on your machinery. Useful prices and shorts reparation times are ours principles features.


Short repair times

We are an artisan company, the bureaucratic procedure of work is of secondary importance. Our interest is to intervene immediately to solve your problem. This is why the processing time is determined only by the technical repair time. Spare parts are always available so our customers are satisfied with our interventions. Put us to the test right away.

Flexible opening hours

Your problem is our problem! We know what the production downtime costs of your plants are. Having ascertained the actual emergency, our warehouse manager is available to stay in the company to wait until late hours, or on Saturdays, your representative for the pick up/delivery of the material.

  • We minimize processing costs.
  • When a piece is irreparable, we try to understand what has caused it.

  • We plan work on the basis of emergencies.
  • Our guarantee starts from respecting the estimated delivery date.
  • We have a dedicated software to monitor all repairs.
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Printing machines – 19%
Textile texturizers – 26%
Packaging Machines – 22%


Monday/friday 8:30am – 6:30pm
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The failure of an equipment can cause severe production stops that can significantly affect the production process of a company. In order to prevent or remedy these problems, Eltex can offer various services that are not included in pure repair.

Drives wash

There are electrical panels especially on very dated machinery, where the components inside are exposed to dirt. Dirt is one of the main factors that cause short circuits or overheating. So it is essential to keep clean electronics, by regularly intervening the equipment.

Revision service

Some electronic components assembled on printed circuits are subject to wear. When they reach the end of their life, in addition to not operating optimally, they can cause short circuits and therefore go to damage related components. Replacing them extends the life of the equipment.

Repair Service

We know what you are looking for, the quality and speed of our work are essential. Many repairs can be carried out in the same day. We know how to work quickly to solve problems and shorten production stops. Our spare parts warehouse is always stocked for this.

Supply of products

In the most serious cases of failure, especially when explosions or burns occur inside the equipment, they can make the repair not convenient. In these cases, Eltex proposes a new or refurbished replacement part.

Rent and Trade-in

Repair is a very difficult operation that requires specific skills and documentation. The technical times of the workings are always contained but if you can not wait, we can offer the rental service or the exchange of your failed equipment.

Pick ups and Deliveries

Eltex takes care of all-round repair. Can not deliver the piece due to a lack of personnel or do you not have an agreement with any forwarder? Our transporters come to your factory to pick up and return the piece in a day.

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The spare parts used during the repair are supplied directly by the manufacturer of the equipment, otherwise the best performance ones are used. These factors allow Eltex to grant 12 months warranty on replaced components on all repairs carried out by our team. The repaired products retain all the factory functionalities are therefore almost as new.


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    +39 031 874544


    8:30am – 6:30pm


    +39 031 874544


    8:30am – 6:30pm