Servo umrichter

Three-phase power supply 320-528V +/- 0%, VN = 400V
Pot.Nom. 11 kW
Amp. 23.5
Compact unit, IP20 protection with high functionality.

It’s normally in stock.

Contact our sales department to check availability of:
– a new piece of equipment
12 month warranty

– a revised equipment
12 month warranty

– or for the repair service
12 month warranty
– Complete assembly of the drive for general cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning with specially designed detergents.
-Rigeneration of components in case of wear and / or exhaustion.
– Intervention on traditional electronic or SMT, replacement of the boards only in case of serious damage.
-Repair repair for each piece of equipment, no fixed costs.
-Service in fast times and low costs.
– Saving parameters.
-Report of repair at the end of work.

Download: Manual

Product list series 9300